made-in-usa-logoWelcome – Remember years ago when you’d fill up the tank with 5 bucks of high octane gas to go cruise then park at a burger stand and talk about cars? Car guys talking to car guys and the occasional female that was brave enough to join in. I miss those days. Car shows are fun, but spur of the moment get togethers are awesome, and far less stressful and time consuming.

With those memories in mind I thought it would be fun to create a car club for folks that live on the east side of Lake Washington to honor and recreate those fun times. A place to talk about cars, set up cruises, post some pictures and compare stories with other owners of American made, pre 1975, classic automobiles. They don’t have to be beautiful, just whatever you want to show us as long as it is not a Ferrari, Porsche, Alfasmalfa import of any sort. Bring the family into the fun too! Our kids will be the ones who inherit our treasures and carry on the tradition of the cruise in! FREE with NO OBLIGATIONS!

To Register:
1. Click the REGISTER tab up on the top right.
2. Right below that, click on CREATE AN ACCOUNT.
3. Fill in your real details, answer the questions, fill in the security code and click COMPLETE SIGN UP.
4. Check your email for a message from the EACCC web site and click on the activation link.
5. Go back to the web site and log in using the username and password you entered.
If you do not follow these steps, use a real name, and validate your membership with a real user name and email address you will be deleted from the site. Please do NOT use this site as a portal for spamming or advertising your product.

That’s it! You are now ready to add photos, information, event dates and reviews, friend members, start discussions and more.

Feel free to send me events to add to the calendar too. Feel free to pass this site on to any other car guys that live east of Lake Washington with or without a car.